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New Recording on the horizon: "MLK"

The new CD "MLK" includes original compositions by NEA Jazz Master, Kenny Barron and myself. The name is an acronym for Kenny, Marlene, and Lewis yet also literally displays us as a merger of generations, gender and culture. These are aspects of Martin Luther King Jr.'s ideal for a functional, positive and understanding world between people. I hoped to create moods and reflections through this music of the struggles and triumphs from all the decades, AND as we push for acceptance and change that include our current times.

I had wanted to create this collaboration between Kenny Barron and Lewis Nash for many years. Having met Christian many years ago, and always following him (literally like a fascinated puppy-lol) I asked him to help me co- produce and lend his ears, spirit and musicality to the project. I am truly Thankful for all their amazing and generous contributions.

”John Clayton, bassist, composer, arranger states; “One of Jazz, Bass, and Music world’ s treasures! There is a great bass tone, great swing, and lovely fire in everything that Marlene does.”

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